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5 reasons to treat yourself every month


Over the last few years the term ‘self care’ has become a common term and its importance has risen to the front of our minds – and for good reason! In a world where we are rushing around and constantly busy with work, family and social commitments it’s hard to find time for yourself and to do things simply because they make you feel good.

It’s easy to make up excuses for why we shouldn’t treat ourselves to something nice, so here are 5 reasons why you should!   

1. Because you know yourself best
When your birthday comes around do you have a sense of dread at the thought of what certain people might give you as a present? You know exactly what you like and want, so why not buy it for yourself? And why wait for a birthday?

2. Because it gives you something to look forward to
The month goes by so much more easily when you know you have a treat waiting at the end of it. Whether it’s a payday slice of cake from the bakery, the monthly copy of your favourite magazine or a fantastic subscription box - the little things are what get us through!

3. Because it doesn’t cost much
When we think about buying ourselves something nice on a whim, it can sound like the type of frivolous spending that we have been told for so long to avoid. However, it doesn’t need to be something huge, it can be as small (or as large!) as you like – it’s whatever you need in that moment!

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4. Because you are worth treating
We don’t hesitate to buy a coffee for a friend or take time to listen to the problems of someone close to us, so why shouldn’t you value yourself in the same way? Giving yourself a little pick me up on a regular basis is showing yourself that you are just as worthy of your energy and attention as someone else!

5. Just because!
Do you need a good reason? Sometimes it’s nice to do things just because we feel like it, and those surprise treats are just the best.

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