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Perfectly Pringle: your guide to the famous Scottish brand


Pringle Socks

Say the word ‘Pringle’ and a certain type of quality sock comes to mind. Soft, strong and classic – the ideal sock for the discerning man. Well known for the distinctive Argyle diamond designs that make the wearer feel at home on the golf course, in the boardroom and out with friends. So, what else do you know about the renowned Scottish brand that has the honour of being one of the world’s oldest continually operating fashion company?

Pringle’s past

Pringle was founded in 1815 in Scotland by Robert Pringle. The company initially made knitted hosiery and underwear, branching out into cashmere around 1870. The famous Argyle diamond pattern was created under the direction of Otto Weisz, Pringle’s first full-time designer. It was inspired by the ancient Scottish Highland tartan of Clan Campbell in Argyle, which featured on various items of clan clothing, including kilts and socks.

In the 1920s, the influential Duke of Windsor adopted the Argyle pattern and invested in several pairs of socks and other garments featuring the design. This ensured its popularity with the fashionable elite of the roaring twenties. The pattern has been admired and adapted ever since and is now considered a true icon of British knitwear. In the first half of the 20th century, Pringle cashmere became a ‘must-have’, thanks to celebrity endorsement from the likes of Joan Crawford, Jean Simmons, Grace Kelly and Margot Fonteyn. The company received its Royal Warrant in 1956 from the Queen. The Queen Mother was known to be a fan of Pringle cardigans, and a twinset featured on the cover of Vogue in 1955.

Later in the 20th century, the Argyle pattern and Pringle’s socks became synonymous with sports, especially golf, thanks to top British players, including Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomerie, wearing the socks for their televised games. Pringle became popular with football fans too, due not only to the design, but the practicality and warmth of the quality materials used.

Today, the brand continues to enjoy success, with a wide range of women’s and men’s socks, jumpers, cardigans, hats and other knitted garments produced and worn all around the world. In 2015, Pringle marked its 200th anniversary with a specially commissioned exhibition about the history of knitwear, which is curated in association with National Museums Scotland. Pringle’s flagship stores are located in Edinburgh’s George Street, as well as ‘down south’ in London’s Mount Street. Customers pair Pringle socks with all kinds of looks, from country casual to cutting-edge boardroom business chic.

What makes Pringle socks different from other brands?

Very few knitwear and sock fashion brands make it quite so successfully on the international fashion scene, but Pringle’s distinctive designs and soft, quality materials, including cotton, cashmere and bamboo, meaning that its products are highly sought-after and fashionable. Two hundred years of history back up the company’s

ability to innovate, adapt and move with the times. Thus demonstrating why it has managed to survive and thrive in the competitive world of fashion for so long.

Pringle socks are instantly wearable and extremely versatile, meaning that they can be worn at formal occasions such as weddings, in the workplace, while relaxing at home and also for sports leisure. Pringle socks look great on the golf course, as pro golfers have proven, but their cushioned feel and quality finish mean that they are ideal to wear while training at the gym or for weekly sports coaching sessions.

The bamboo products help wearers follow a more sustainable lifestyle, while the cashmere range helps to keep feet warm and comfortable all day. They make an ideal Christmas gift too – an elegant take on the traditional festive offering of a decent pair of socks that will keep out the cold.

Pringle products

Pringle has evolved as a brand to offer a wide range of products. Its socks are designed to reflect the company’s traditional, Scottish heritage as well as to meet the demands of today’s customers. They are available as part of our range of exciting men’s socks for customers to try with The Sock Butler subscription pack. They make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other occasions too.

The socks come in a wide variety of colours to match your outfit, mood and sense of style, from classic navy or black to outrageous shades of neon. They are available for men and women and are complemented by a range of tights, underwear and vests. The bamboo range offers especially impressive softness and absorption properties, with moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet fresh. They are incredibly warm, thanks to bamboo’s unbeatable thermoregulation capabilities.

Pringle’s sports socks also offer top-quality cushioning with smooth seams and quality materials to keep you fresh and comfortable throughout your training, game or match. They are easy to wear, straightforward to wash and look great on. Plus, the distinctive design will show your competitors that you are out to win!

Socks galore!

Here at The Sock Butler, we love Pringle socks. That’s why we have included the brand in our selection of top-quality names that you can expect to receive in our sock subscription service. We include Pringle socks regularly in our various offers and seasonal sales, so you can try out the quality feel on your feet and use the cool colours to help you select the right outfits to match your mood and style.

To help you find some brand-new favourites for your feet, we send you every month a unique selection of quality socks from the range of brands and styles available, for you to experience a wide range of quality socks, not only from Pringle, but other top brands too, such as Wildfeet, Glenmuir and Jeff Banks.

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