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Products for all personalities

Let’s put some personality in your socks! Here’s where you get to choose exactly the style(s) of socks that you want to be included in every box! We send you a different selection every time from the categories you pick.

What's in our socks?

All the socks we put in our subscription sock boxes are either cotton or bamboo-based. We think they are the best for your feet and for creating great-looking, colourful socks. When we send you your new pair of Sock Butler socks, we’ll tell you exactly what they're made from.

Cotton socks benefits
Bamboo socks benefits

We know a thing or two about socks.

We may be one of the newest sock subscription services around, but our knowledge of socks and materials goes back many years. We’re extremely proud to be a SockShop company, one of the biggest names in online retail in the UK, that has done very little else but live and breathe socks since 1983!

SockShop logo

Our Brands

Pringle logo

For over 200 years, Pringle has been a world-famous and iconic knitwear brand, but their heritage hasn't held them back in the fashion stakes. The brand is consistently evolving, always fresh, on-trend and wearable.

SockShop WildFeet logo

Fresh, fun, endlessly inventive, the WildFeet range concentrates on creative distinctive, contemporary socks that are full of character and charm. Their designs are bright, light-hearted and unique.

Glenmuir logo

A legend in golf and leisurewear, Glenmuir is a high-quality, Scottish-based brand that understands just how to combine classic styles and patterns with vibrant colour and eye-catching graphics.

Jeff Banks logo

British fashion legend Jeff Banks knows his stuff… and that most definitely includes socks! His eponymous brand mixes contemporary designer looks with classic sensibilities, wearability and practicality.

TORE logo

An eco-friendly brand, TORE wants to tackle the fashion industry problem of excess textile wastage and water consumption. Offering high quality, comfortable socks made from 100% recycled materials.

Our manufacturing process


First steps


Get knitted


Being choosy


And they're off!

Woman wearing blue socks
First steps

This is where a sock starts. Sock design teams research fashion trends, make predictions for the coming season and put various design ideas through their paces. Different colourways are tested and once each brand is happy with their new ranges, they can go to patterns, prototyping and samples before entering full production.

Selection of stylish socks
Get knitted

Dyed cotton, bamboo and other yarns (selected for strength, softness and durability) are fed into high speed knitting machines, then sent for seam-linking which closes the toes. Then, socks are then placed on metal plates and shaped, by steam at high temperature and dried.

All finished socks are inspected for quality, sorted into pairs and fastened together with a band. Then, we’re excited to say, our part begins!

Fashion socks
Being choosy

We don't send just any socks in The Sock Butler socks box. We put a lot of thought into each and every single one. The socks in our collections have been carefully curated, specially chosen by the sock-obsessed team here at The Sock Butler Towers.

Having worked closely with each of our brand partners throughout their design and manufacturing process, we have the pick of the entire season’s ranges from each, selecting the best, stand-out designs, knitted in breathable, classic cotton and soft, bamboo, for our customers.

The Sock Butler box with socks
And they're off!

Each box’s contents are assembled according to your own account’s preferences, lovingly and individually packed and then posted out to our lucky monthly sock subscribers! All The Sock Butler orders include free delivery to most UK addresses.

A couple of days later, knock knock – it’s your socks! But, don't worry if you won’t be in, our special socks box is designed to fit through any standard letterbox and doesn't need to be signed for. You open the box, pull on your new socks and run around in delight (this isn’t compulsory, but it is strongly advised)!